Care Home Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

What does a Care Home Assistant do?

The primary responsibility of a care home assistant is to make sure the needs of the residents are met – making them the hub everything else rotates around. Whilst managing routines and activities, the focus must consistently remain on the well-being of the residents. 

Responsibilities of a care home assistant include administering medication and an amount of custodial care including helping residents bathe, dress and eat. 

Around the residents and their care plans, the maintenance of the home never stops – cleaning, laundry, getting drinks, greeting family members, and handling deliveries are all part of the job. Specific responsibilities will depend on the size of the care home, but the general rule is that everyone works together to address the tasks at hand. 

What does the day-to-day role of a care worker consist of?


Care workers typically begin the day by assisting residents with getting up, washed and dressed. Following this, they prepare them for breakfast and help serve up their meals. The first medical round of the day will begin, allocating out the residents' medications, before taking them through to the day room for some TV or reading time... or setting things up for the first activity of the day to encourage some healthy exercise.  


Afternoons include feeding the residents lunch, an afternoon snack and tea in the early evening. This can involve varying amounts of support as some residents may need a carer to feed them, whilst some will be perfectly capable of feeding themselves. Then it’s often time for the home to liven up with time for hobbies, like dance classes, crafts, bingo or gardening.


The evening responsibilities are focused on winding down the home, collecting each resident (from communal areas) and escorting them back to their room. Supporting them with getting into their nightclothes, and ensuring they have everything they need to hand. Although all residents will have a call bell they will need checking on and then there will be a handover with reports on the residents to the night staff.

How much admin do Care Home Assistants have to do?

Again this will depend on the size of the home and the number of staff employed. In a small home, there will be more expectations for everyone to manage multiple responsibilities. Administrative tasks can range from documenting medical rounds and writing incident reports, to recording staff meetings and keeping individual time sheets. 

Care Home Assistant skills and qualifications

Having the right soft skills is crucial to working in a care home. Before an interview, ensure you have examples that demonstrate teamwork, problem-solving, taking initiative and effective communication skills. 

Most care homes require at least GCSEs and some further education. To find out more about which qualifications you should focus on read our Care Home Qualifications article. 

Care Home Assistant experience requirements

Most care homes will require an amount of experience for more senior positions, but there are plenty of roles that can be taken on without any experience. However, for you to know if this is going to be the right move for your own career it’s best to have a first-hand understanding of what goes on. 

There are a variety of ways to gain relevant experience, through work experience, volunteering, internships, apprenticeships and part-time roles. To find out more about how to get experience read our blog How To Get Into Care Home Work With No Experience

Is a role as a care assistant right for you?

Considering if this is a good career move for you personally is smart. Knowing yourself and what drives you is essential. If you feel satisfaction in helping others, being around lots of people, appreciate varied work and embrace the unexpected, then this environment could be a great fit for you. If you’re of a nurturing disposition, kind, patient and chatty you are definitely in the right place. 

At the Social Care People, we believe attracting more people to work in care is crucial for sustaining the workforce, and delivering the care everyone deserves. 

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